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About Us

Back in 2000, on the opposite side of the world, my family opened a small restaurant named "Mammoth". Growing up I made a promise to myself, that if I ever opened a business on my own, I would carry the tradition and honor our family's now-closed restaurant. Twenty years later that promise has finally come true.


It has taken me 10 years of experience as head Chef and countless hours of sacrificing to make my dream come true. From the back of the house to the front of the house, I have taken on various roles in previous eateries to run a successful business, yet not the owner. 


In 2017, I was promoted to work in management while still running the kitchen. It was then that I realized I could dream bigger and open my own business. With the help of my wife and the blessing of my family, I am proud to present today "Mammoth Bowl".

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